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As a momma and photographer, I can’t help but think of you during this time of uncertainty. I know that preparing to have a baby is so so exciting but also a little nerve wracking. I know that you have had an idea of how your delivery and first few weeks of your postpartum journey will go and now COVID 19 and the social distancing have put many things out of your control. I know that you are now missing out on the Fresh 48 and Newborn Sessions that you have been dreaming of for months. I want to be here during this time and help as much as possible so I created this Fresh 48 hour guide to help you take gorgeous images without a professional photographer on hand.

First thing is first, Momma, know that NOTHING will be able to take away the joy of meeting your new baby for the first time. You will spend every second of those first few days staring at their perfect face and the amount of love you feel for them.. that can never be taken away.

 I firmly believe that having quality photos of such an incredible time of life (even in the midst of a hard time in the world) is still important and valuable. And I want to help you achieve just that! So, in hopes of helping you preserve those memories on your own, I wanted to share a few tips to help you capture gorgeous images.

PLEASE REMEMBER that ANY PHOTO is BETTER than NO PHOTO!! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just take the picture! You will not regret it!!

  • Pick a clear space near a window in order to take advantage of natural light and TURN OFF all competing artificial light sources. That one tip will make a WORLD of a difference in the quality of your phone photos. When you have two different kinds of light competing, the white balance and overall feel of your images will always be off. But, by turning all indoor lights off and moving into soft light near a window, you’ll have a much more natural image!

  • Move over by a hospital window to have the most light possible. If the sun is streaming through directly at that time, you will want to make sure to keep out of the direct/harsh light and move back or over far enough to have even light. Direct light is when the sun is shining right through the window and you can see actual LINES of light. You want to avoid that for photos (at least for now!). Even light is your friend!

  • Pick a clear background with minimal clutter. Make sure to take a few minutes before starting to take photos to move backpacks, phone cords, food, or any other clutter that you wouldn’t want documented forever out of the way.

  • Make sure to hold the hand steady and keep your phone directly parallel to the floor (to avoid wonky angles when taking photos from above the baby).

  • Make sure to try to shoot “down the nose,” when possible. This is where you take the picture more from the top of the head to where you are not able to see the baby’s nostrils. It is most often the most flattering angle for the sweet babes.
  • Try doing photos right after a feed! Newborns are most content when their bellies are full and diapers are clean.

  • Don’t worry about changing their outfit a lot…this will just make them fussy! Stick with a simple white/hospital swaddle or sweet outfit (white onesie, neutral + plain sleeper (I love these ones!), or a favorite gifted outfit always works!).

  • You really want to try to position the baby to where the window is towards the baby’s head! This will help to make sure that the light is falling down the baby’s face!
  • Make sure you and your husband get in the photos, too! Wear neutral, soft colors, avoid black shirts, and take turns photographing each other with your babe! Make sure you are angled towards the window light and that you aren’t standing in direct sun. Get photographs holding the baby and try to have a nurse snap a few of the both of you with the baby! Another fun idea is one of each of you looking over the bassinet at the new baby.

  • Photograph your baby in the hospital bassinet! Don’t be afraid to get creative: use a step stool to take photos from above, shoot through the crib spokes, or even at a slight angle where you get the bassinet sides in the picture!
  • ALL THE LITTLE DETAILS!!! Get in close and try to capture their little feet, hands, belly button, ears, and nose. You can photograph the hair on the top of their heads and their hospital bands! Another good idea is your hands with the hospital bands on baby to show just how tiny they are. It’s much easier to take these photos when they’re asleep, FYI.

I know that having to try to take the perfect photos by yourself can seem daunting! I hope this is helpful for any of you who may be finding yourself in need of DIYing your newborn photos! I’d also recommend taking some sweet videos of your little one, too!

PLEASE REMEMBER that ANY PHOTO is BETTER than NO PHOTO!! It doesn’t have to be perfect, just take the picture! You will not regret it!!

Editing Tips:

I edit all of my iPhone images either directly in Instagram or within the mobile Lightroom app. Both apps are FREE and pretty user friendly! This is what I change in just about every photo:

  1. Adjust the image so that it has straight horizon lines.
  2. Brighten the exposure.
  3. Slightly increase the contrast.
  4. Bring down the highlights and raise up the shadows.
  5. Slightly sharpen the image.

And, as another encouragement, know that it is NEVER too late for professional images of your newborn! Even if the images don’t happen in the first two weeks…they will still be beautiful and so full of love! Newborn photos can realistically happen anytime in the first two months, especially a lifestyle in home newborn session in the nursery you have worked so hard on!

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